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Summer Reading


Click here if you want summer reading suggestions, including favorite books of Randallstown students, book club books, and recommendations from Ms. Yates, English teacher and future Library Media Specialist. 


Reading for fun helps you in so many ways. When teachers  say "read for fun", we mean reading magazines, books you enjoy; we want to read for your pleasure.

Reading for fun helps improve your reading speed, reading comprehension, vocabulary, general knowledge and it gives you confidence! And if you're planning on going to college, most of your time studying will be reading.  Thus, the more time you spend reading for your pleasure, the easier the transition to college will be for you.  When Randallstown graduates who went to college come back to visit, they say they wished they had read more for pleasure because the students who did that seemed to get through all the difficult reading with much more ease.



Don't forget to join the summer reading program at your local Baltimore County Public Library (link below).


Did you know you could reserve PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 at your local library? Check out up to three games free of charge for 21 days.


Did you know that the Woodlawn branch of BCPL offers Zumba for teens?


Check out all of the activities in the black box on the right side of BCPL's website (below). 



Here's the link to Baltimore County Public Library:


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