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Visiting the Library at Lunch and Before and After School

The library is open for business at 7 AM.  However, we ask that students sign up the day before in order to visit the library before school.  We  do realize there are often emergencies such as a broken printer, something that needs to be printed out, and students forgot to  sign up, etc. As a result, we welcome students who forgot to pick up a pass the day before.  


The library ladies also welcome students during their lunch period, but we they have to sign up in advance in the library office at any time before lunch begins. Please, no food or drinks are allowed in the outside library area. However, there is a table in the library office if students want to eat a snack.


If students want to visit the library after eating in the cafeteria, they still need to sign up and get a pass, in order to show the pass to staff members who are chaperoning the cafeteria.


Students should be mindful that our library is a quiet place to read, to use computers, do homework, or to talk softly at tables with a friend.


****As of April 11, 2014 , students must sign up by 1:45 PM to use the library after school.  The library is normally open until around 3:30 PMIt is not open on Friday afternoons. After school in the library is QUIET time! It's not time to socialize with friends. In addition, there is to be no socializing in the hallways after school. Once students leave the library, they are to leave the building!

Students have to be working quietly on school work after school or sitting at tables, reading or doing schoolwork, whether they are utilizing the library before or after school.

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