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Book Club (aka Rams Read)

Rams Read is Randallstown High's book club, and any student is welcome to join at any time.The latest selection is always advertised on RHS TV, the school's TV station. But you can also check out the bulletin board outside of the library or just ask the Library Ladies.


We meet about every two months, during school. Most often we read Black Eyed Susan books. Ms. Yates, the Theatre Arts teacher, helps with book club. Check out some of the books we've already read--click on this LINK. 

Here's how it works....you'll get a copy of the book in the library to return when finished. We keep track of your name and homeroom. We'll send an invitation/pass to your homeroom. Warning: teachers are asked ahead of time to approve students missing their class, so keep up your grades!


And, remember that reading every book selection throughout the year isn't mandatory. We've had students who have been burdened by AP courses, etc., and have opted out for one of the books during the school year. We still consider you a book club member, even if you miss a book.


However, please try to read all of the books, even if it's something you think you won't like. This is how we expand our horizons. Students often tell us that the book we've chosen for them to read is one they never would have read, and they ended up loving the book!

The latest book we're reading is Fault in the Stars by John  Green . We'll be meeting 4B on October 10th to discuss the book.Book Club Books--2013-2014 school year

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