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How to shoot good quality videos from your phone or tablet



1 – Good Lighting is Critical 

shoot your video in brightly lit areas. This will help avoid unnecessary shadows and grainy areas in your video.

2 – Stay Steady

Use both hands to hold your device as close as possible to your body as you record the video.

3 – The Audio Matters as Much as the Video

 Speak loud and clear - find a quiet location

4 – Get Close to Your Subject

Stay closer to your subject ensures better image quality, less digital noise and better focus in your videos

5 – Avoid Vertical Video Syndrome

Hold your device horizontally so that videos played back on other screens (virtually everywhere) will look fine.



When you upload:

Title: Name of your city

Description: Include names of group members


Collaboration Link: (copy this link if you plan to upload from your phone)


Steps to get to this page  

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